New in iAcademy 3.0:

  • New module type "flash cards":
    Add flash cards stacks to your e-learning content and give your users another motivating learning method using the "flash card system"
  • Reward system:
    Enrich your learning content with individually designable rewards (e.g. medals, cups).
  • iAcademy News (Enterprise edition only):
    Use the new, integrated messenger function to exchange information with learning groups in your company.
  • Kiosk mode:
    Create learning content for devices that are publicly accessible (e.g. information stands).


iAcademy features:

  • Mobile learning platform for individually designed e-learning content
  • No permanent internet connection required
  • Support of all iPhones and iPads running iOS 8.0 and higher
  • Support of most Android smartphones and tablets (running Android 4.1 and higher)
  • Support of retina graphics
  • Shelf view for display and selection of previously downloaded courses
  • Any number of collections can be created for organizing downloaded courses
  • Permanently updated download center for download of new course content
  • Clearly arranged learning content on a modular, individually designed learning map
  • Interactive learning units with multimedia-based content (texts, images, videos)
  • Individual background images within learning unit
  • Search function within learning units
  • Internal links between learning units
  • Implementation of additional HTML and media files in the learning modules (e. g. HTML5 animations)
  • Individual design of standard icons and buttons
  • Learning quiz with multi-media content (image, sound, video) for self-control of learning success
  • Assessment module for creation of real-life exams with multi-media content, configurable duration and scoring
  • Evaluation of learning progress and assessment results on the iAcademy Server (enterprise account required)
  • Learning groups (Enterprise edition only)
  • Individually designable drag and drop learning game for creation of e. g. cloze texts, puzzles and other assignment games
  • Multi-coloured notepad function with central overview and email export of user's notes
  • Glossary items that provide further information (text, image) and can be accessed directly from the learning units
  • Built-in PDF reader for further literature contained in the course
  • "Open in ..." function: links to many file types (e. g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) from learning modules and literature section
  • Standardised, configurable feedback email for user suggestions or learning progress directly from the course
  • Built- in Learning App Store for purchase and download of e-learning content
  • Authoring software for Mac OS and Windows for preparation and provision of own iAcademy courses
  • Sale of own e-learning content in the iAcademy Store
  • Distribution of learning content using coupon codes
  • Users can register at iAcademy Store within the app
  • In-screen help


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